What Our Clients are Saying

"We couldn't be happier with the outcome!"

“We enrolled our year-old Bernese puppy (Buddy) into Hiking Paws in the spring of 2021. We wanted Buddy to learn to have a good relationship with other dogs. We could not be happier with the outcome. Buddy has learned to love other dogs (and every other animal in our neighborhood). Buddy walks four afternoons each week. He so looks forward to this that it is hard to explain his excitement.

Each day, by 11:00 A.M. he is staring at the door waiting for the van to arrive within the hour. His excitement is almost out of control when he hears the van in the driveway. When he returns, he takes a very satisfying 3 hour our nap.”

Mike B.

"My confidence and appreciation cannot be accurately described!"

“When I first heard of Hiking Paws, I thought there was no way I would feel comfortable sending out Sheepadoodle, Freedom, off on an unleashed hike. I was blown away by their thorough screening and interview process and all the steps they take to create a fun and safe environment for the dogs. There was always great communication with the team and we are so grateful to have access to this service. My confidence and appreciation for Margot and all the hikers could not accurately be described! Thank you for all you do Hiking Paws! We love you!”

Allison G.

"The highlight of her week!"

“My dog loves her hikes! THey are the highlight of her week. Not only does she get great exercise and socialization, she also has received training from wonderful people at Hiking Paws who absolutely love dogs!”

Paulette L. 

"They've cracked the nut!"

“Magot and her crew are amazing — they’ve cracked the nut on dog group fun!”

Barbara & Ralph M.

"My Max is so happy every time he sees your van"

“I can’t say enough good things about your dog service. My Max is so happy every time he sees your van drive in the yard. You take great care with all the pets you hike with and keep all your clients informed if a dog is sick so they can keep an eye out for their pets. You notify us on dog food recalls, check the dogs for ticks, dry them off if they are wet before letting them in the house and let us know when someone’s pet passes.

You go above and beyond caring for all the dogs you hike with and their families. I have recommended you to several people and will continue to do so. Thank you for what you do.”

Carolyn F.

"Priceless care, attention, and thoughfulness"

“I love dogs! I also work full-time. I would not be able to have my wonderful and loving boo Bear if we didn’t have Hiking Paws in our lives. The care, attention, and thoughtfulness the team takes with our four-legged family members is priceless!”

Jane B.

"The staff is dedicated and River adores them"

Our dog River has been hiking for over 10 years. She gets so excited every time the van pulls up! The staff is dedicated and River adores them. I highly recommended their services.

Abby L.

"She now waits eagerly by the front door"

“Tulip loves hiking with Hiking Paws! She now waits eagerly by the front door daily in case the van shows up with ‘her gang’. She returns from the hike very happy and ready to nap. It has been great for her!”

Larry K.

"We couldn't ask for more."

“When our dog Sunny gets back from his time with Hiking Paws, he’s exhausted.  It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  The dogs really do hike; they’re not just dropped off at a dog park. It’s understood that our dogs are our “babies”, and their safety is important.  Any time Sunny joins his Hiking Paws “pack”, I know he’ll be happy, safe, and tired.  We couldn’t ask for more!”

Bonnie C.

"We're lucky to have Hiking Paws for Ashby!"

“We love Hiking Paws! My dog gets so excited when the van pulls into the driveway to pick her up, and she always returns happy and tired. The reports from the staff show that they really know and understand my dog as an individual, and I love hearing about her adventures with her crew of fellow hikers. We’re lucky to have Hiking Paws for Ashby!”

Heather & Matt S.

"Unique and enriching experience."

“Hiking Paws has been such a wonderful experience for our dog, Coconut. She gets to ‘run with the pack’ and gets extra exercise and socialization with a trusted professional. Hiking Paws is great at communicating anything that comes up and takes great care of each dog. I would highly recommend their services.”

Rose C.

"Invaluable Service"

“We are very lucky to have found Hiking Paws last year! We started Milo with Hiking Paws when he was an active one-year-old and his half-sibling was facing a second hip replacement surgery. What we didn’t realize was the invaluable service that Hiking Paws provides is so much more than just an hour of exercise in the middle of the day.

Milo has great recall for us and is also very good with other dogs, as the group hikes have helped train him to be comfortable around other people and dogs. Furthermore, Hiking Paws will pick up and drop off Milo from our house without anyone being there and Milo is pleasantly tired for the rest of the day after his hike. It’s especially helpful on the days that I go into the office. On the days that I’m home and notice as he hears the van pull into the driveway, he is beside himself ready to go meet his friends!”

Jenn M.