The Hiking Paws Team

We are incredibly proud of our staff. Their dedication to your dog on the trail is amazing. They work hard to keep your dog happy and safe!

Virginia with her pup Chester


Born and raised in Southern Vermont, Virginia is a lover of animals of every kind imaginable.

Virginia joined the Hiking Paws team in 2016 while finishing her degree in Kinesiology. She’s grown up owning dogs and cats, but in 2008 she adopted her own dog, a 6-month-old shelter pup named Abby that was terrified of the world. Raising Abby really sparked Virginia’s interest in dog training and behavior. Her beloved Abby has passed, and she now focuses her amazing training skills on her new friend Chester. Helping Abby cope with dog v dog interactions has given Virginia a fantastic foundation for working with the Hiking Paws Pack Members. The two great things about her job are: learning about the behaviors of each dog that hikes with her and she loves being outdoors in New England.

woman with blonde hair getting kissed by dog


Originally from Eastern Mass, Meara has been working with dogs for 8+ years. Her experience ranges from vet care assistance, kennel and daycare work, grooming, training, pet sitting and even owned her own dog walking business. She’s moved to Western Mass to return to school.

Meara has been on the trail with us since March of 2022. We’re super lucky to have a talented, friendly, and charismatic leader out there with our dogs.

Dominique sits with a group of dogs on a leaf covered wooded path


Greetings everyone, my name is Dominique. I’m a western Mass native (West Springfield) and proud of it! Living in such a gorgeous part of the country has really fostered my love and appreciation for the outdoors. If I’m not hiking with your pups, I’m on the trails myself, out camping, canoeing, backpacking or anything that gives me the excuse to be outside! 

I was born into a dog-loving family and was blessed enough to always have a furry friend by my side growing up. Currently my two lovely dogs are Lilly and Lilah. Of course, this gave me tons of experience with many different breeds of all ages and temperaments. Canine body language and training is a lifelong hobby of mine. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with your dogs and hone my skills.