Buddy Hikes

For the beginners to the off-leash world.

Hikes Designed For...

Our Buddy Hikes are designed for beginners to the off-leash and dog-friendly hiking world.

Maybe you have a puppy and you’d like a puppy walker to train them on recall reinforcement? Maybe you have a senior dog who needs a slower-paced walk or doesn’t like a big crowd. Or perhaps you’d like your dog to join the adult hiking packs, but they need a little time and TLC to help them settle in. Buddy Hikes are the perfect fit for any of these situations!

Our Goal

While out on the trails, our goal is to get your dog to exercise and give them positive social experiences with their pack members. Although we are not certified trainers, we work with each dog to improve their recall, help teach and monitor appropriate play behavior, and reinforce basic commands such as sit, wait, load up, leave it, off, and come. We use positive reinforcement to build on these commands and build good trail manners.


These off leash adventures allow them to run or walk at their own pace. They can choose to play with other dogs or simply hike, sniff, and enjoy the scenery.

Pack Size & Requirements

Buddy Hikes are limited to 2-3 dogs per group. 

All dogs in the pack should be spayed or neutered, up to date on all their vaccinations (Lyme, Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper-Parvo, and Leptospirosis), and comfortable around other dogs and comfortable riding in a vehicle.

Hike Days & Times

Our off leash adventures are offered Monday through Friday depending on their level of training. Contact us to learn more.

Buddy Hikes are offered from September through May.

Buddy Hikes $35/hike

Get in touch to sign your pup up for a new world of adventure!