Off Leash Adventures for Your Dog

Routine exercise is vital to a dog’s health and well-being. Hiking Paws can help you maximize your dog’s quality of life. Our dog adventures provide space to run, fresh air, playtime with other dogs, and of course lots of water and healthy treats. The result is a dog with a healthy mind and body.

Happy dog panting after a fun dog adventure in the woods.

"A Tired Dog is a Good Dog"

Hiking Paws specializes in taking dog groups on off leash hikes in the woods. It is a pick-up and drop-off service that allows you the convenience of leaving your dog at home but knowing that your dog will get a healthy dose of exercise while you are away during the day.

Oh, The Adventures They'll Have!

Adult Dog Hikes

Our Adult Dog Hiking service is great for all dogs who love to run, walk, play and explore outside. Recall experience is required for these packs as your dog’s safety is our utmost priority. Pack size can range from 4—8 dogs.

Hiking is one of the most fun outdoor activities for dogs.
three puppies, the middle one is jumping towards the camera

Puppy Hikes

This dog hiking service is designed for all the young pups out there — 1 year or younger — who have had all their vaccinations. Puppies can be woven into our adult dog packs, or they may need to begin with a few Buddy Hikes to learn the ropes.

Buddy Hikes

Our Buddy Hikes are offered from September through May. These dog-friendly hikes are perfect for dogs who are new to recall (coming when called) and may need a little time to get used to being handled by someone new, or they go at a slower pace than others. Space for Buddy Hikes is limited to 2-3 dogs.

happy dog with its tongue sticking out

Other Dog Owners Are Saying...


“Hiking Paws is the best decision we have made for our dog. We fully trust him with Margot. He loves spending time with her and we appreciate the love and care she provides when we’re working.”

Carrie G. — Greenfield, MA


“Our dog always returns home ready for rest and feeling happy. I can’t resist having her spend part of each weekday with her playmates and their human director!”

Laurie B — Mount Hermon, MA


“Our Lab Sergio needs to play with other pups and good direction from a human to make him the best dog he can be. He gets both with Hiking Paws.”

Anna & Joe — Montague, MA

About Our Hikes

Daily adventures for your dog are an hour long. Our pick-up and drop-off route is different each day of the week, so depending on where you live along the route, your dog could be with us for up to 3 hours. We take a morning and afternoon hike, Monday — Friday. Clients are asked to sign up for a minimum of 1 hike per week on a consistent day.

Your dog has the opportunity to play with others, run fast and hard, or just walk slow and sniff all the new smells. The local trials provide them the opportunity to take a swim, climb steep hills, run through fields, play in the snow, slide down a hill, or stroll along a stream. 

There’s something for everyone! Check out our Photo Gallery to see all the happy tails (and faces) on the trials!

our hike leader with a dog to her left wearing a high viability jacket

About Hiking Paws LLC

Hiking Paws LLC is a reliable off-leash dog walking business.

We have been enjoying all that Western Mass has to offer for the past 12 years. Our trained staff will pick up your dog, transport them safely to a selected trail, then guide them through the woods as they explore, run, play, sniff, and have fun. When you return home at the end of the workday, you’ll find a happily content pup!