Hiking Paws Services and Rates

Hiking Paws provides your dog with a healthy dose of exercise and socialization, that in tern, will give you a settled and better behaved dog at the end of your busy day. While out on the trail, we work with the dogs to improve their recall, help teach and monitor appropriate play behavior, and reinforce basic commands such as sit, wait, load up, leave it, off and many more. The off-leash adventure allows them to run or walk at their own pace. They can choose to play with other dogs or simply just hike, sniff and enjoy the scenery. The mental stimulation along with the physical exercise are key components to helping your dog live a happy, healthy life. When you’re too busy during the weekday to meet these needs, contact Hiking Paws so we can help you!

Hiking Paws Offers:
– Reliable pick-up and drop-off service (Bernardston, Greefield, Deerfield, South Deerfield)
- Daily hikes with packs of 5-8 dogs (Monday РFriday)
– Adventures in all kinds of weather
– Outdoor exercise and socialization with other dogs
– Lots of treats, water, and love!

Adult Dog Rates (1 year and older)
- 1 hour off-leash hikes = $25 per hike

Puppy Rates (less than 1 year of age – must have all proper vaccinations prior to beginning)

- 1 hour off-leash hikes = $28 per hike 

Are you are interested in sending your pooch on a daily adventure with Hiking Paws?