Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hiking Paws?

Hiking Paws specializes in group hikes for dogs.

When your workday is long and you just don’t have the time to get your 4-legged friend the exercise they need, Hiking Paws can help. I offer a pick up and drop off service for you and your special friend.


How does Hiking Paws work?

First I make sure your dog feels comfortable with a new pack of friends. I come pick them up from your house while you’re at work, then go off on an hour-long hike. When our hike is over, I drop your furry friend back at home. A full hour of running and playing with other doggies will give them a daily dose of the exercise they truly need. When you return from your long day of work, your pooch is rested and calm.


Why is Hiking Paws right for you?

Dogs need fresh air and friends just like people do. When your dog gets the chance to socialize with other dogs, play, and run outside they will be rested and happy! Off-leash hikes and walks offer more sensory stimulation to help calm a dogs mind.

And for you, a tired dog is a good dog!


What options does Hiking Paws offer?

Hiking Paws offers off-leash as well as on-leash walks. We visit local parks, state trails, quiet roads or village sidewalks (on-leash walks only).  Hikes and walks are available Monday through Friday and in all types of weather.


How can I join the Hiking Paws’ pack?

Contact Margot Van Natta details.

A free consultation visit gives you and your dog a chance to meet the pack leaders!