Meet the Pack Leader

Margot Van Natta

Pack Leader

My name is Margot Van Natta; and I am the owner and “pack leader” of Hiking Paws. I live in Bernardston, MA with my husband Erik, our son Jacob, and our two dogs: Sadie and Flynn. I have a passion for fitness and health, I love being around dogs, and can’t get enough of beautiful New England. As a former physical education teacher, I found it difficult to put in a full day of work and still meet the needs of my rambunctious, high-energy Lab, Sadie; and so, Hiking Paws was created!

I’m a practiced observer of dog body language, which gives me excellent pack management skills. This is important when structuring walks. Routes and packs are organized to optimize the enjoyment and exercise for each dog. Safety is my primary concern, so preventive measures are taken before and during each walk. I am trained in dog first aid and am a certified dog handler.

Dogs are our most trusted friends! Let Hiking Paws take your dog out for some much needed exercise! You’ll all be happier at the end of the day!